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Used Tetra Pak TSA/21 Tube Applicator

Used Tetra Pak Filling Machine TBA19The data table:
  • Reference :300040807
  • Year:2014
  • Brand:0
  • State:Keep
  • Delivery time:immediately

Used Tetra Pak TSA/21 sticker information:

    Speed: 9000 packets per hour;


     1. The ingenious way of discharging the tube, using the insert-and-flip type discharging the tube, ensures the stability and reliability of discharging the tube;

     2. The high speed and stable quality of the iron pipe greatly improve the production efficiency;

     3. Using unique technology, the amount of glue used can be kept at the lowest level;

     4, save production cost;

Process of purchase:

    · You contact our team

    · We will send you machinery quotations and prices, and try to find the most suitable for your needs

    · We will arrange an inspection visit to the factory where the machine is located so that you can see that the machine is running. Before the inspection, the pre- Visit the contract. A member of our team will organize the trip with you and accompany the factory. Serious about second-hand machinery that cannot be driven And interested buyers, can provide remote mechanical inspection, and can also check the machine in real time in their factory through video conference

    · If an agreement to purchase the machine is reached, we will send you a purchase contract so that you can pay a deposit to keep the machine.Dweck will Buy the machine from the seller and sell it to you, so all negotiations and contracts have been conducted between you and Dweck,To the maximum educe transaction risk

    · Demolition, transportation, export and other services can be arranged upon request. We can also accept letters of credit and other financial instruments

    · Dweck will dispatch members of its team to disassemble and load the machine to ensure that your entire process is safe and the machineShip to you

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